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Dark Depths of Love
is a tragic story filled with deep love,
passion, and a woman’s generous heart
to save her dysfunctional marriage.
Dr. Heather O’Neal, a woman brought up on deep abiding family love, knows nothing about spousal abuse until she marries corporate tycoon, Anthony Trevor Hampton, a man whose emotions are filtered through layers of childhood abuse and corrupted by a jealous temper laced with on-the-edge rage. His abusive lessons learned in childhood turn Heather’s life into recurring nightmares. He desperately loves Heather and is determined to break the abusive bonds inherited from his father. Heather, however, struggles for normalcy in an unhealthy marriage with a man she has sworn to love always. Untamed passion, undying love, and the journey to trust are just beginning in a heartwarming story of conflict and love.
Tony confided his obsession with Heather to Bob, and his fear she might leave him.
“Bob, I’m a damn mess. I love her so much its damn near driving me crazy,” he admitted.
“Tony, I’ve told you for years you need to get help.”
“Yea, well, I got help for Wally and what good did it ever do him. Hell, Bob, I’m not sure those shrinks know any more than I do. How can they help me? They sure as hell can’t change the past.”
“No, they can’t and neither can you, but maybe they can help you learn to live with what happened to you. You carry too much hate around with you in your heart, Tony. You’re still angry with your mother after all these years because she left you. Good God, when are you ever going to forgive and let go of all the venom inside you? I’ve asked you a hundred times over the years to go visit your mother, but you won’t even consider it.”
“Yea, well, who am I supposed to go see her for, her or me? She sure as hell doesn’t deserve it after leaving me behind with a madman to abuse me.”
“Tony, you’re carrying around enough emotional garbage to kill you from toxic waste. Hell, quit thinking about what your old man did, what your mother did. Just think about you and what the hell you want out of life.”
“I have what I want out of life. I’m just so damn afraid I’ll lose it. Worse still, I’m afraid I’ll do some foolish thing to hurt her again.”
“Get help, Tony. Heather doesn’t need anymore of your abuse. She’s been through enough already. You have to get away from her if you can’t control it. If you ever hurt her, I swear I’ll kill you, Tony.”
“Despite my doubts, I did make an appointment with a shrink. I don’t know if he’s any good or not. Hell, I’ll go see a dozen if it’ll do any good. If it weren’t for this damn insane jealousy I feel for Heather, I could be the happiest man alive with her. She’s everything I ever wanted. I’m so obsessed with her I’m like a damn madman. Sometimes I think I’m really going out of my mind.”
“Maybe you should move out for awhile, Tony. Move in with me, stay away from her awhile.”
“I’ve thought about that? But don’t you see how much that would hurt her now that she and I have patched our differences? There’s no easy answer.”
“Maybe you need to tell her how you feel. Share with her what you’ve shared with me.”
“I’ve thought about that, too, but I’d only frighten her. She has enough things to worry about right now without me adding my lot, and there’s the baby to consider. She’s really not all that strong just now.”
“Tony, you’ve got to get yourself together. She needs you with the trial coming up.”
The press finally learned that Heather was back home living with her husband and the son she was supposed to have kidnapped. The news was a blow to the prosecutor who knew they would never convince a jury that she was guilty when the boy’s father didn’t believe she was.
The prosecuting attorney trying the case wanted to drop it, get it dismissed, but as Detective Miller had told Heather, an election was coming up and certain officials could not find an easy way to save face by dropping the case. To drop it would indicate what a bungled mess the uniformed policemen had made at the scene. Their only hope was to press forward and hope a jury might believe her guilt. Numerous people labeled the upcoming trial a travesty of justice.

About jeanettecooper

Jeanette Cooper, a native Georgian, a former elementary school teacher, graduate of University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Reading instruction, is mother of a son, grandmother of a grandson, and lives in North Florida near the Suwannee River. Jeanette enjoys walking, reading, cooking, and gardening, but her greatest pleasure comes from writing and watching characters come alive as they interact with one another in adventurous life-like dramas that motivate reading pleasure. Her latest romantic suspense novels are Passionate Promise, Vulnerable to Deceptive Love, Stripped of Dignity and The Wrong Victim.. Jeanette loves to hear from her readers, and invites you to contact via her web site at: www.jeanettecooper.net.
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